The Most Popular Sports in Norway

Despite being a small country with 5.5 million inhabitants, Norway has a proud sports history. We are the nation with the most Winter Olympics gold medals of all nations. Additionally, we have one of the world’s best football players, Erling Haaland. Thus, there is a significant culture regarding sports in Norway. In this article, we will discuss the most popular sports in Norway available for gambling at betting sites.

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Football is extremely popular

Football has the most viewers in Norway. The interest in the Premier League, the world’s best football league, is particularly huge. Former stars include Ole Gunnar Solskjær and Tore Andre Flo. Today, Erling Haaland and Martin Ødegaard dominate. Erling Haaland won the treble in his first season, and Ødegaard is the captain of Arsenal. We hope that the Norwegian national team will start qualifying for championships. After missing the Euros in 2024, hopes are set for the World Cup 2026.

Eliteserien is Norway’s top football division and plays a central role in the domestic football culture. With teams like Rosenborg BK, Molde FK, and Bodø/Glimt, the league provides a platform for Norwegian talents to develop and compete at a high level. Historically, Eliteserien has nurtured players who have impacted nationally and internationally. The league attracts a loyal fanbase and is known for its engaged public support. With increasing play standards and infrastructure, Eliteserien is an integral part of Norwegian football, contributing to the sport’s development and success.

Handball is Incredibly Popular in Norway

Handball is one of the most appreciated sports in Norway, especially women’s handball, which has achieved international success. The Norwegian women’s national handball team is considered among the best in the world, with championship titles and medals in the Olympics, World Championships, and European Championships. This success has contributed to a growing interest in the sport nationwide.

In Norway, the Rema 1000 League is the highest league for women and men. A high level of competition characterizes this league and has become a platform for many talented players to develop and pursue international careers. Matches in the Rema 1000 League draw large crowds and have high engagement among handball enthusiasts.

Winter Sports are Huge in Norway

Norway has an impressive history in winter sports. It is known for being a dominant force, especially in the Winter Olympics, where the country has accumulated the most gold medals of all nations. This success is reflected in various winter sports disciplines, where Norwegian athletes continuously perform at the top. Norway’s geographical conditions and climate contribute to a strong winter sports culture, which has nurtured many talents over the years.


Norway has a long tradition of success in biathlon. Norwegian women and men biathletes have regularly dominated the World Cup and major championships. Combining skiing and shooting, biathlon requires both physical endurance and precision. Norwegian athletes such as Ole Einar Bjørndalen and Tiril Eckhoff are examples of athletes who have not only won countless medals but also inspired the next generation of biathletes.

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is another discipline where Norway has had great success. With legendary skiers like Bjørn Dæhlie and Marit Bjørgen, who have accumulated impressive Olympic and World Championship golds, Norway has cemented its position as a world-leading nation in cross-country skiing. A strong cross-country skiing culture and excellent conditions for the sport drive this success.

Ski Jumping

Ski jumping is another vital discipline within Norwegian winter sports. Norwegian ski jumpers have long competed at the top, with several successful jumps in both the World Cup and the Olympics. Norway has had prominent jumpers like Anders Bardal and Daniel-André Tande, who have contributed to Norway’s reputation in the sport.

Alpine Skiing

Despite the tough competition with strong nations like Austria and Switzerland, Norway has also succeeded in alpine skiing. Norwegian alpine skiers like Aksel Lund Svindal and Kjetil Jansrud have won several Olympic and World Championship medals, strengthening Norway’s position in alpine skiing. These athletes have shown technical skill and the mental strength crucial in this high-risk sport.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey in Norway has long been a sport in development and is well on its way to establishing a more substantial presence in the international arena. One of the most prominent names in Norwegian ice hockey is Mats Zuccarello, who has significantly impacted the NHL and has become a role model for younger players in Norway. His successes have increased interest and attention in ice hockey in Norway.

On the domestic front, the Fjordkraftligaen, formerly known as the GET-ligaen, is the highest league in Norwegian ice hockey. This league is home to the country’s top hockey talents and is an essential platform for developing players and the sport. The Fjordkraftligaen offers a high level of competition and has become crucial in strengthening Norway’s position in ice hockey.


Tennis in Norway has seen a significant boost due to Casper Ruud’s successes on the international scene. Ruud has established himself as one of the world’s top tennis players, becoming a prominent figure in the sport and a source of inspiration for many young Norwegian tennis players. His outstanding achievements, including titles on the ATP Tour and final appearances in Grand Slam tournaments, have placed him in the spotlight and increased interest in tennis in Norway.

Ruud’s success has also led to increased attention and investment in the sport, benefiting the development of tennis at the grassroots level. Clubs and training facilities are experiencing growing demand, and there is an increasing enthusiasm for tennis among children and adults. Casper Ruud’s progress has made him a top player on the world stage and stimulated broader interest and engagement in tennis in Norway.


Norway has a rich sports tradition and outstanding achievements, especially in winter sports, where we lead the Olympic gold medal statistics. But we also have prominent talents in football, handball, ice hockey, and tennis. Football dominates with stars like Erling Haaland and Martin Ødegaard, while handball stands strong internationally, especially women’s handball. Ice hockey is steadily growing thanks to profiles like Mats Zuccarello, and Eliteserien contributes to the development of Norwegian football. Tennis has also seen a surge through Casper Ruud’s successes. These sports reflect Norway’s passion and commitment to sports at both national and international levels.